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November 7, 2013
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PKMN Armonia: Delphine Lewis by Ediru PKMN Armonia: Delphine Lewis by Ediru

:new:EDIT: Delphine has been transferred to Rosalind :D

What, what's going on? Another group?!

I hadn't wanted to join another group, however Armonia just seemed so amazing, and I really need another character besides Cadence, so here is one! Hope you enjoy her!

Armonia: Icon by Ediru

Name: Delphine Lewis
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Female
Pokemon: #702 Dedenne
Birthday: February 24th
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 110 lbs
Nature: Naive
Ability: Cheek Pouch
Hometown: Aquacorde Town


Delphine is sweet, kind and incredibly curious. She has spent the majority of her childhood exploring her neighborhood, finding nifty places to hide or that were just plain awesome. She is also incredibly straight forward and doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘keeping things to yourself’. Delphine is terrible at keeping secrets, often invades personal space and tends to be very trusting of others. All of this ties into her incredibly naive nature. It isn’t that she is ditzy or dumb, she had a moderate intelligence, she just simply views as everyone as kinding and honorable.


Delphine was born and raised in Aquacorde Town, just south of the famous Lumiose City. It was a wonderful place to have a childhood, being calm and full of places to explore. It was also a great place to raise a family, as her parent’s must’ve thought, considering they were living there. The memories of Delphine’s childhood were fun and thrilling, often filled with the many sought out adventures her and her brothers had. However, one day the adventuring stopped.

One by one her brothers steadily became too busy with their studies. They no longer had time to play childish games and Delphine, who was at least five years younger, was left to adventure by herself. It had become terribly lonely, considering all she knew was the time spent around her brothers, however it didn’t take her long to forget the loneliness and make more friends.

Years had passed and Delphine had begun to move away from her childish antics. Most of her time had been spent with friends going shopping, eating at a cafe (which was one of her favorite activities) or sewing, which was what her and her friends had spent most of their time doing. It was then, however, Delphine was kept home to concentrate on her studies.

She had been dreading this day for years. Delphine hadn’t always been the smartest, or rather she still isn’t the smartest, and compared to her brothers who were all high achievers she had a lot to compare to. Her mother was a science professor and her father a very successful lawyer (who both spent most of their time in Lumiose City) and they both believed education to being the key to a successful life.

Concerned for their daughter, whom had become fairly rebellious during her extended tutoring, they decided to enroll her into the Armonia Institute. Their hope was that with the strict learning schedule that it would help encourage Delphine to learn how important her education was. It is obvious that she wasn’t very thrilled when she learned about this.

Delphine had become distraught. She loved Aquacorde Town and didn’t want to leave her friends and family. It was her elder brother, the youngest of the five, that had convinced her it was a good idea. “Don’t view this as a punishment, but as a way to explore the world. Mother and father are sending you away, so they won’t be able to watch you any longer. Do your best, but do it for yourself, not for Mom and Dad.” Enlightened, Delphine gladly packed her bags and prepared herself for the new journey ahead.

Summary Characteristic: Highly Curious
Hobbies: Sewing, Cooking,  Exploring, Sports, Running, and most importantly, Adventuring.
Favorite Berry Flavor: Sweet
:iconelectrictypeplz: Nuzzle
:iconfairytypeplz: Play Rough
:iconfairytypeplz: Charm
:iconelectrictypeplz: ThunderBolt

House: Rosalind
School Schedule: 

Math II
Health and Sex Ed.

Home Ec

Badges:  Fashion Club


- It shouldn’t be a surprise that she can lose herself in larger areas. Or rather, it seems like she has lost herself, however when she really needs to leave she somehow always knows the way from when she came. It’s strange.

- She has an incredible talent for sewing, considering she had spent the past few years learning it with her friends back home.

- Fashion is definitely her passion.

- She has five elder brothers, the most significant being the youngest. His name is Arty, and is also a Dedenne.

- Delphine rarely carries anything with her, only when she absolutely needs it. The only time you might see her with something is when she has found a quiet place to sew her projects.

-Everyone is a friend to her, it doesn't matter who you are. She has only had one incident in which she didn't like someone, but that was an extreme case.

-Delphine can do fairly well in any class, as long as it isn't Science, Math, History, Literature... mostly because she drastically hates studying and would much rather do anything else

:new: - She is a vegetarian.

:new: - She looooves food, and has a very high metabolism. 

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